2 x 120ml for $22 only!

What goes into making the best custard base dessert e juice you ask? There is certainly a lot of preparation and work that goes into it well before the official flavors work actually begins. Broke Dick presented itself well and it is $11 for a 120mL!

  • Cash Advance e juice is a much darker and sweeter e juice so it needs to be steeped for a much longer time than your typical  sweet & sour flavors e juice. Brokedick tend to steep their Graham cracker crust mix custard e juice into whiskey barrels for a period of two month, in which we repeatedly shake the e juice each and every few hours.
  •  Cash Advance e juice doesn’t taste like your typical supermarket condensed milk or store-bought flan. Cash Advance juice is treated with the highest care every step along the way and that is how Broderick continually ensure that have the one of the best dessert e juice in the USA year in and year out.
  • Perfect recipe specially dessert juice isn’t as simple to make as people always assume it is, and just because a company has a great fruit e juice doesn’t mean that they can make a great dessert e juice. They are two different types of e juices for a reason and they’re aren’t supposed to be treated the same. It takes a lot more patience and care to create a great key lime flavour e juice or a great creamy e juice, and that’s why Brokedick created Cash Advance e juice that is actually a classic pie profile.

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 Ingredients Nicotine Strength Official Flavors Profile Ratio
Vegetable Glycerine (VG),

Propylene Glycol (PG),

Food grade flavourings, Nicotine


  • Graham Crackers Crust
  • Ripe Limes
  • Creamy Cheese Cake
  • Cool Whipped Topping




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