Atermon mechanical mod

When making the Atermon Atmistique decided not to spend too much time on cosmetic embellishments but chose to focus attention on the function of the actual tube. Hence the Atermon comes with a unique battery post adjustment design utilizing a small bearing so it’s adjustable externally, rhodium plated copper contacts to ensure maximum conductivity, vertical airflow control and a purposely designed side button. All aiming to elevate the Atermon above the performance of the plethora of other tube mods.

The base model for the Atermon will accomodate a 18650 battery in a 22mm or 23mm tube diameter option with optional tubes available to fit the entire 18xxx battery series with or without a kick module.

Connection 510
Battery 1x 18350 (optional tube)
1x 18500 (optional tube)
1x 18650
Voltage 3.7V
Power Regulation No (Kick Compatible)
Construction Stainless Steel
Type Tube
Switch Type Mechanical | Locking
Feeder No
Features * additional tube sizes and kick sleeves available
* externally adjustable battery contact to fit minor variations in cell sizes
* rhodium coated copper contacts for maximum conductivity
* air flow control
Suppliers: Atmistique (GR)

Price Base Model – €136.00 (~$160)

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