Blue Raspberry Vape Juice by Juice Roll Upz Review

Juice Roll Upz is an American company based in Ontario, California. The company started operations in April of 2015 specializing in the manufacturing of fruit-candy flavored e-liquids. Beside their fruit-candy range, the company has extended their range to include the Carnival Juice Roll Upz and Juice Roll Upz Ice. These two new ranges offer a […]

Yoghurt Drink Vape Juice by Thirsty Juice Review

If you like yoghurts and vaping, you can enjoy both simultaneously. Yoghurt Drink is a yoghurt-flavored eliquid that brings the nice taste of fresh plain yoghurt to vapers. You will appreciate the natural flavor and the great sensation of vaping one of the best yoghurt ejuice beverage currently on the market. It’s difficult to capture […]