What You Need to Know to Make Your Own Vape Juice

Have you ever vaped, and a thought rushed through your mind thinking, if only this e-juice had a specific flavor, then it would have been amazing! It’s normal to wish that whatever your vaping had a perfect taste just to suit your needs. Did you know that you can make your own vape juice kit? […]

Humble Juice Co.’s Donkey Kahn E-Juice Review

Humble Juice Co. is one of the top vape juice makers in the industry. The company makes its premium e-liquids with the finest ingredients. Humble Juice has a wide collection of e-juice flavors on the market. If you have a thing for strawberries and bananas, you will love Donkey Kahn by Humble Juice. This e-liquid […]

Berry Burst E-Juice by Burst E-Liquid Review

I’m a big fan of fruity vapes, but I must say Burst E-Liquid did a splendid job of creating a realistic multi-berry flavor.  Berry Burst by Burst E-Liquid is a chewy taffy vape juice packed with the flavor of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. When vaping Berry Burst, the taste of the sweet blend of […]

Lemon Cake High NicSalt E-Liquid By SVLT Review

Lemon Cake High NicSalt has the delicious flavor of a freshly baked lemon cake. This e-juice contains high nicsalt so prepare for a new experience. The current trend in the market is that e-juice makers are using nicotine salt instead of the regular nicotine. Humble Juice Co. and Solace Salt teamed up to create the […]

Lemon Cake Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice Review

Introduction Lemon Cake Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice is a delightful e-liquid with a one-of-a-kind flavor. Vapers who enjoy a flavorful mix of sweet and sour will surely love this product. This dessert vape is brought to you by Slim’s E-juice. The company has been selling high-quality e-liquids since it was founded. It has gained […]

Cuttwood Manic Mint E-juice Review

Several e-liquids are available at PinkVape. These products come from brands already known in the vaping industry. You can check these products out at PinkVape’s website to get more information. You will see that the products at PinkVape are well presented once you visit their website. The company has made it easy for you to […]

Juice Roll Upz’s Apple E-Liquid Review

VapeFu has some of the richest e-juices available on the market today. This store sells e-liquids and other vaping products from brands that have made a name in the industry. You can be sure that all the e-liquids at this store are made to suit the customer’s taste. You can find out more about VapeFu […]

Vapejoose Peppermint Premium E-Liquid Review

Vapejoose’s Peppermint is a replication of the flavor from classic red and white cool peppermint candy. This e-liquid may make you a bit nostalgic of your younger days. Every puff of this e-liquid leaves a cool tingling sensation in your mouth. Vaping this juice is nice when you have a sore throat. The mint flavor […]