Berry Hi E-Liquid by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Berries are some of the few fruits with a very subtle flavor. You will not find a lot of exceptional e-liquids on the market with well-mixed berries flavor. This e-liquid from Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the few that meets the mark. The touch of candy taste in this e-liquid seems to strengthen the […]

E-Liquid Sample Packs by Cloud Alchemist

What I’d like to talk about to you today is Cloud Alchemist. I just got my invoice in the mail, and there was a rather lengthy personal note from them in pen and ink. They took the time to write it to give it that personal touch. I for one certainly appreciate that, and it’s […]

Review: Artemis Berry Cobbler

With the massive influx of e-liquid vendors appearing in the marketplace over the last year or so, a couple of trends have begun to emerge. One is that vendors are popping up, seemingly out of nowhere, offering basic, single flavor liquids that are low in quality and high in cost… They’re just folks out to make […]

kamry k1000 E pipe Review

The iClear 30s are dual coil cartomizers metering at 2.2ohms with changeable heads fitting into a tank that holds 3mls of liquid. My usual disclaimer applies here, I received this for a review but Ill be honest and truthful about it even if it does often end up costing me dearly in regards to future […]

V2 Cigs Reviews

V2 Cigs has been Americas number one online electronic cigarette since March 2016 with over one million completely satisfied customers. This gadget warms the fluid in the V2 Cigs and this produces a steam that has nicotine. This steam which then acts as a nicotine delivery method is then inhaled by the user. The Persons who use these V2 electronic cigarettes admit that one of the greatest pleasures they get from it is the fact that they are smoking without the actual ash, smoke or smell, unlike the familiar cigarettes that are made of tobacco. Read more about V2 Cigs Reviews

Atermon mechanical mod

When making the Atermon Atmistique decided not to spend too much time on cosmetic embellishments but chose to focus attention on the function of the actual tube. Hence the Atermon comes with a unique battery post adjustment design utilizing a small bearing so it’s adjustable externally, rhodium plated copper contacts to ensure maximum conductivity, vertical airflow control and a purposely designed side button. All aiming to elevate the Atermon above the performance of the plethora of other tube mods. Read more about Atermon mechanical mod

DIY E Liquid Mixing

Take it to the Next Level With Your Very Own DIY E liquid Mixing Brew

Okay so you’re probably looking at the title of this article and pondering whether you have the chemistry expertise to brew up your own E-liquid, whether this is an endeavor best left to the experts. To answer your questions: yes you do and no it’s not. If you are capable of doing simplistic tasks such as mixing liquids and doing multiplication than you are well-suited for the DIY E liquid mixing arts.

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