Apollo Mechanical MODs

Standing 3 ¼ tall and with a thick tube wall bringing it to a 1 diameter the Apollo was built with maximum conductivity in mind. To further improve the conductivity Ameravape has done away with the positive battery connector and is instead making the Apollo (and other mods) with a 510 hybrid, meaning the top cap has to thread for the negative connection but allows the positive post of the battery to directly touch the positive pin of the atomizer. Read more about Apollo Mechanical MODs

Smokeless Image Volt e-Liquids Review

Since its inception and launch much has been said about the Smokeless Image VOLT. E Cigarette message boards and review sites have been alive with electricity ever since the VOLT was unleashed to spark the fire. Yeah, yeah, there is only so much you can say about how great these new kr808d models that are starting to overtake the 2-piece market, it’s been overplayed. You could say the same for all the lavish Read more about Smokeless Image Volt e-Liquids Review

In Review: The AGA-S+(?)

While the upgrade of the AGA-T to the AGA-T+ was highly publicized the same was definitely not done for the AGA-S. In the email I received from UD about the upgrades it mentioned “New look without knurling for the T+.. and wick hole closer to positive post to reduce hot spot” and somewhere near the footnote of the email something along the lines of “we also improved the AGA-S”. I dont even think they are calling it the AGA-S+ but the upgraded AGA-S but I will be adding the + to the end of it to differentiate. Read more about In Review: The AGA-S+(?)

Decadent Vapours American Red E-Liquid Review

Have you ever tried an e-liquid with such a non-specific flavor that only its name clues you in as to what its supposed to taste like? American Red by Decadent Vapours is one of those e-liquids for me. Although its about as far from a realistic tobacco e-liquid as you could possibly get, I’ve liked it so much that I’ve found it difficult to put down since I began testing it.

Decadent Vapours is an e-liquid company based in Swansea in the United Kingdom. According to the website, DV produces e-liquids using only food-grade flavorings sourced from within the UK, and they’re famous infamous? for being perhaps the first e-liquid company to produce savory flavors such as Roast Beef. I was recently contacted by Decadent Vapours via email; they asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their e-liquids and I quickly agreed. American Red is the first of ten Decadent Vapours e-liquids Ill be reviewing over the coming months. Read more about Decadent Vapours American Red E-Liquid Review

E-Liquid Review

E Liquid Review Offers All That You Wanted to Know About The Very Best E-Liquids Available!

Looking for the best e-liquids around? If yes, you are at the right place as we at E-liquid Reviews bring you some of the best E-liquid reviews to help you decide which one suits you the best. E liquid is the fuel that drives an electronic cigarette. It is also known as e-juice or nicotine fluid. E-liquids provide the nicotine solution as well as the flavoring to e-cigarettes.
If you wish to go for a safer alternative, the electronic cigarette is the best option you have as they simulate the effect produced by real tobacco smoking. When the atomizer in the device heats up the e-liquid, Read more about E-Liquid Review

WetFlame Hydro Electronic Cigarette Review

Electronic cigarette vendors are constantly on the way in or out. I run a number of Web searches every day in an attempt to stay on top of the changing industry and discover new companies as they come up, and WetFlame is a company that recently came under my radar. WetFlame is a smaller electronic cigarette vendor that has begun to attract attention with its 510-based Nova and KR-808-based Hydro electronic cigarettes and a strong social media presence. Upon reading about WetFlame, I got in touch and inquired about a sample. Within a few days I had a WetFlame Hydro review kit waiting at the door. Read more about WetFlame Hydro Electronic Cigarette Review

Vision TOX Review

Recently, I received a message from Virgin Vapor announcing the availability of a new variable voltage electronic cigarette called the GS-SUB, also known as the Vision TOX. This is a variable voltage mod with the ability to operate between 3.0 and 6.0 volts, and its a full starter kit that costs under $70.00 $30.00 less than the Lavatube. I immediately realized that the GS-SUB/Vision TOX could be a real game-changer in the variable-voltage segment and asked Virgin Vapor if they could provide a review sample. When my GS-SUB arrived in the mail, I was not disappointed; the box was overflowing with accessories. If you like to know you’re getting a lot for your money, the GS-SUB is definitely going to appeal. Read more about Vision TOX Review