Blondie by 2 Scoops e-Juice Review

I must admit that I am a creature of habit. I like to keep a routine and stick to it as much as I can. But every now and then, I like to go out of the way and be spontaneous, too. This is what happened to me when I found this surprisingly decadent e-juice. I wanted to try out other dessert vapes aside from my usual hence, the random search online. This e-liquid from 2 Scoops named Blondie has a delicate flavor which is a good choice for those who enjoy dessert flavors. I have been vaping this for five months now and it is still a constant part of my rotation. I usually have this during snack time towards at night. It just perfectly matches my palate after a full meal. Read up some more on how I got this and what I think about it.

         Blondie by 2 Scoops


When I was randomly searching for ice cream flavors, I stumbled upon this but never really knew what it was based on the label itself. Good thing the website I was on included a description of the flavor. Aside from the price, the description gave me the go signal to add this to my shopping cart right away. It was described as ‘sinfull’, and I knew I had to indulge. Based on the website, Blondie from 2 Scoops e-Liquid is a smooth, sweet and creamy ice cream based juice. It takes 2 Scoops of creamy french vanilla ice cream, then tops it off with brownies and salted caramel.


20% PG / 80% VG – I recommend this one for the cloud chasers out there!

Where to Buy

I recently bought this e-liquid from an online vape shop. It was actually an impulsive buy. I was researching for delicious ice cream base juices and bumped into this monthly featured flavor from It was among the low priced ones so I thought I’d give it a try. I also bought a couple of other flavors yet Blondie is my favorite among my haul. Placing my order was pretty simple and shipping took only three days. It was a smooth and fast transaction.


As mentioned earlier, I was convinced to try this for its reasonable 22 bucks value. Priced at 22 dollars, you are getting more than your money’s worth.


It’s available in 60 ml only with 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 9 mg nic levels. The bottle is made up of glass that comes with a dripper-style cap. It has a needle-type pointed edge making it easier to refill mods/tanks. The label of the bottle is printed with the 2 scoops Penguin logo and its e-liquid flavor name, Blondie. The nicotine strength and the total liquid content are also found on the sticker label.


Blondie has a very decadent taste. It tastes like fine French vanilla ice cream with ribbons of salted caramel. This is the epitome of my comfort food turned into e-liquid. I’m so glad I bought this online on impulse. Being spontaneous can sometimes make good things happen. I can also taste a bit of butterscotch. Despite being ice cream based, the taste does not come out too sugary or creamy. I prefer the savory sweet or sugary e-liquids to have higher VG content so the sweetness will be toned down. Sometimes, overly sweet mixes can be a little harsh on the throat to inhale. As for Blondie, I did not experience this or any dry hits as well. It gives off that vanilla creamy blend with a touch of salty tang.


I mentioned earlier that this is a holy grail for cloud chasers since it has a good amount of Vegetable Glycerin – 80% content. I powered this up with a parallel Clapton coil at very low resistance and it produced huge clouds that lingered. I also got the 6 mg to help me achieve the throat hit I’m rooting for. I’m quite happy with the result. Overall, the Blondie has served its purpose of giving me a satisfying chain-vaping experience.

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