Unification E-Juice by The Merge Review

Unification by The Merge is a sweet and creamy dessert e-juice for every vaper with a sweet tooth. It has a rich and decadent flavor that you can freely indulge in without worrying about packing calories. It has a creamy vanilla ice cream base topped with sliced ripe bananas and chocolate sauce. Trust me; you […]

7 Monks’ Tantra E-liquid Review

If you need to find the best tasting vape juices, you can check out 180 Smoke. The company has several of the e-juices available on the market today. These come from different brands that have been making waves in the vaping industry. You are able to check these products out on the 180 Smoke website. […]

Grape Bubblegum E-Liquid by VapeJoose Review

Grape Bubblegum is another fantastic e-juice from VapeJoose. As you expect from an e-liquid named Grape Bubblegum, this e-juice has a grape bubblegum flavor. It is not overly sweet like some other bubblegum blends. The grape flavor in this VapeJoose e-juice is not very strong, but it is not too subtle either. You will get […]

Berry Hi E-Liquid by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

Berries are some of the few fruits with a very subtle flavor. You will not find a lot of exceptional e-liquids on the market with well-mixed berries flavor. This e-liquid from Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the few that meets the mark. The touch of candy taste in this e-liquid seems to strengthen the […]

Yoghurt Drink Vape Juice by Thirsty Juice Review

If you like yoghurts and vaping, you can enjoy both simultaneously. Yoghurt Drink is a yoghurt-flavored eliquid that brings the nice taste of fresh plain yoghurt to vapers. You will appreciate the natural flavor and the great sensation of vaping one of the best yoghurt ejuice beverage currently on the market. It’s difficult to capture […]

Crush by Clown Review

One of the high quality e-liquids on Vape-Box.com, Crush by Clown is one of the best-tasting e-liquids that you will ever try. Whether you are a fan of Clown or not, this will surely change your perspective. That is because this e-juice has the mix of just the right ingredients that pushes you into a […]