DIY E Liquid Mixing

Take it to the Next Level With Your Very Own DIY E liquid Mixing Brew

Okay so you’re probably looking at the title of this article and pondering whether you have the chemistry expertise to brew up your own E-liquid, whether this is an endeavor best left to the experts. To answer your questions: yes you do and no it’s not. If you are capable of doing simplistic tasks such as mixing liquids and doing multiplication than you are well-suited for the DIY E liquid mixing arts.

So what’s even in that Electronic Cigarette Liquid that E-Cig brands are so proud to have created and sell on their sites you wonder?

No, there’s not some secret ingredient that a common E-smoker like you could never obtain; although mixes vary somewhat, at its essential, E-liquid is just H20, flavoring, E-Liquid Base and some good ol’ nicotine (with other optional additives if you feel like getting exotic). The E-Liquid Base is where the electronic smoking magic happens; it is the source of that satisfyingly visible vapor that mimics smoke (and many people find preferable) out after pulling on your device. If you’ve ever wondered what chemical is used to make fog machine vapor, look no further than the different types of E-Liquid Bases listed below.

To brew your own made at home Smoke Juice and get started with DIY E Liquid Mixing, you’ll have to go out and buy a substance that works as this base, as well as a few other simple ingredients. Here we go!

DIY E Liquid Mixing Supplies and Ingredients:

You’re going to need to locate the following supplies before you can put it all together:

1. Clean Water :

Either filtered drinking or straight-up distilled H20. Don’t use tap water, it has tons of impurities that you don’t want to inhale.

2. E-Liquid Flavorings :

Flavoring E-Liquid is slightly specific, meaning you can’t just throw in some sugars, spices or oils for flavor. Once again, you’re going to need to buy the food grade variety of your flavoring material; additionally you must choose flavoring that is water soluble and has resistance to the high temperatures of an E-Cig, and once again you can find such flavorings on this very site.

3. A Suitable Base :

Three good options are Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and PEG400. If you go with Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin be sure to buy the food grade options, both available on this site. Any of these will be a functional E-Liquid Base.

4. Additives (Optional)

There are many custom additives that you can use to personalize your DIY E-Liquid Mixing to customize your own unique recipes, but remember you will be inhaling the finished result, so we suggest keeping to tried and tested ingredients such as high-quality, certified domestic nicotine liquid. Some people enjoy adding a small percentage of vodka or other clean grain alcohol which can add to the throat hit and give a further kick. It is possible to enrich your blend with herbal tinctures, menthol crystals, sweeteners etc. But before getting too gourmet with your efforts, try mastering the basics. Remember that usually, like with good cooking, few top quality ingredients mixed freshly in the right proportions will often yield the best results.

5. DIY E Liquid Mixing Tools

E Liquid mixing can get messy and you certainly want to be working in a clean and sanitary environment with the right tools for the job. While you dont need to build a science lab, accurate measurements are important (as is treating nicotine with the careful respect it deserves, you need to dilute it and avoid getting it on your skin as much as possible if you do get a little dont panic but wash it off asap). A necessary tool for getting to your optimum E-Liquid composition are measured Empty Bottles and dosage releasing E-Liquid Syringes. I also find pipettes to be very handy for working with base fluids, in particular VG which has a much thicker consistency than PG.  If you want to brew up your own personal liquid, you’re going to need to measure accurately on top of having a firm grasp on all of the principles we’re going to talk about below. A pair of thing rubber gloves and alcohol wipes like those sold at

Alright, so you’ve got your supplies and you’re raring to get your E-Liquid into your cartomizer, so let’s do this thing. You’re going to need to do various calculations and understand basic priniples in order to determine the amounts of flavoring, Base and Nicotine amounts you want to use in your blend.

How Do I Know How Much Flavoring To Use??

It’s a general rule of thumb that you can mix anywhere from 10% to 20% of your concentrated flavor into your E-Liquid Base. However it’s really relative to your personal preferences and you’ll have to tweak your recipe and experiment with different E-Liquid Bases, flavoring amounts and Nicotine densities before you get where you want to go.

Important Rule: For higher nicotine density you will want to put in a little more flavoring concentrate. Be careful not to overdo it though.

If you aren’t a fan of overpowering E-Liquids, it would be wise to add a diluting agent to your mixture. Some good options are your E-Liquid Base, alcohol, or deionized/distilled water. If you go with water, avoid dropping more than two drops in; this will create a runny liquid that has a higher probability of leaking into the batteries and hurting your vapor quality. Speaking of vapor, let’s take a look at how to optimize your E-Liquid vapor quality.

 Getting the Best Vapor

Like full-bodied vapor? Use less water. This also applies for anyone using their E-Liquid in areas with high temperatures. Also, if you are using any of the optional additives you can just add a few drops of that in lieu of the water. Experiment with additive amounts to get the best vapor and your perfect flavor.

Nicotine Information

This is important. Read this note about nicotine before proceeding: 

Nicotine is officially classified as a poison, toxic in large amounts. So be careful. But on another note; it is important to note that Nicotine is a natural alkaloid found in a variety of plantlife. It is carcinogenic when used in smoked or chewing tobacco forms, but nicotine in E-Cigs is in standalone form. Standalone nicotine ingestion hasn’t been widely tested, but there hasn’t been any research thus far that indicates carcinogenic or mutinegenic properties.

Now on to calculating nicotine density. You must must must know how to do this properly before embarking on this DIY road. Nicotine Density is listed by how many milligrams are contained per milliliter of liquid. So a 20ml blottle of 6mg nicotine density e-liquid would have 120mg total.

The equation is: Total Nicotine mg=Total ml liquid X Total mg nicotine

E Liquid MIXERS TIP: Small Batches Make Happy E-Smokers

Take it small at first, experiment with small batches of E-liquid until you find the perfect one for you. Until you find the perfect recipe, don’t crapshoot and hedge your bets on a large batch. You can easily overly dilute your e-liquid and ruin it by using an entire bottle in one go. It’s more efficient and economically feasible to do small batches where you can mess with the recipes and find a mix you like.

Well You Read The Article, Just Be Careful And Remember You Are Dealing With (assuming you are mixing nicotine liquid) Ingredients That are toxic in larger amounts and require common sense safety precautions and focus on what your are doing. This is not a childrens activity!

Like all things Vaping is a strictly adult activity and if you dont feel comfortable there are plenty of amazing premixed eliquids from excellent e liquid brands and suppliers as recommended on this site. But if you have a hankering to try coming up with some of your own creations, E Liquid Mixing can certainly be one of the most satisfying vaping activities, so load up on quality ingredients and t0ols. Even if you decide to start by purchasing a diy e liquid mixing kit and keeping it simple, youll likely discover a fun side of electronic smoking when you start mixing up your personal vapor creations.

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