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What I’d like to talk about to you today is Cloud Alchemist. I just got my invoice in the mail, and there was a rather lengthy personal note from them in pen and ink. They took the time to write it to give it that personal touch. I for one certainly appreciate that, and it’s a fabulous business decision. Cloud Alchemist is a Washington liquid company. They make superb e-juice, and it’s without a doubt the best on the market. My first order with them was the e-liquid sample pack. It costs $109.99, and you get eight 30ML bottles.


The E-Liquid

  • Proserpina  Exotic dragonfruit finished with strawberry banana cream
  • Estival  Ambrosial watermelon with notes of apricot, strawberry, and coconut
  • Bacchus  Tart blueberries swaddled in fresh cream and drizzled with clover honey
  • Acer Dulcia  Maple with crisp apple with a touch of walnut
  • Festiva  Strawberries dolloped with almond-vanilla whipped cream
  • Promised Land  Creamy honey and cinnamon with an apple aftertaste
  • Glacialis Menta  Icy Spearmint and a cool peppermint, silky vanilla, and delicate cream
  • Macer Menta  Crisp peppermint layered with the dark chocolate cookie
  • Arrakis  Tobacco spiced with clove and cardamom with a touch of sweetness


The bottles are made from frosted amber glass, designed to prevent U.V damage to the liquid inside. They come with a child-proof pipette cap and are security sealed with tamper evident bands.  The bottle labeling is dark coffee & white and just gives off a delicious feel.  Along with the logo and artwork, each bottle has a nicotine level stamp. ( 0, 1, 3,6 or 12 Milligrams) and a safety warning on the other side. The 30mL bottles are sturdy and appear to be able to withstand the occasional knock.

I dropped one on concrete earlier, and it didn’t break.

Product Price $19.99 for 30ml

Sample Pack $109.99

Flavor, Throat Hit  & Vapor Production

This weekend I was given the opportunity to test out the Premium E-liquid I bought from Cloud Alchemist.  That is a total of 8 different juices, each one sounding like I should choose them first.

I used my iPV3-Li with a Dark Horse RDA built to 0.24Ω.  The mod was set to 70 watts for each test, each test used approximately 5 of the 30mL in each bottle.

The following review is for a product that I purchased,  I am in no way affiliated with the company or product below.

I separately bought their menthol liquid Macer Menta E-liquid that was not included in the pack. It has a crisp mint layered taste with a cookie undertone, and I enjoyed it.This intense, dark, rich chocolate cookie e-liquid flavoring will seduce you! It is highly concentrated and recommended. Cookie lovers will not be disappointed!

Cloud Alchemist menthol e-liquid Glacial Menta starts out with a combination of spearmint and peppermint base. Nothing smells quite like this soothing, calming e-liquid. Peppermint has been used for centuries medicinally for everything from indigestion to depression. It flavors our chewing gum, teas and candies. It’s also wonderful to mix with other flavors such as chocolate and orange.

Two other similar e-juices I tried from them are Proserpina and Bacchus. Proserpina is a very fruity e-liquid. A dragonfruit explosion in your mouth with a delightful strawberry banana cream overtone. It has a smooth throat hit. Now onto Bacchus. This juice is just so good that it’s almost all gone. Very similar to Proserpina but it’s a wild blueberries base flavor with the honey in the finishing tone. Yum. I suggest when you pick up you e-liquid sample pack from them make sure to throw those two flavors into your order.

Estival has a very fruity watermelon taste. It’s like having a mixed drink and melon at the same time! It is so fabulous it’s at the top my list.

Festiva is Cloud Alchemist’s best dessert based e-liquid by far. It’s so top-notch you will scream from the rooftops, and you will do a YouTube video even if you don’t know how. This is an e-juice that I want to vape all day, every day. If you were going to buy just one bottle from Cloud Alchemist, Festiva is the one to get.

The other two flavors are Acer Dulcia and Promised Land.

Acer Dulcia is crisp, and equivalent of apple crumbles.  The delicious flavor of apples with a crunchy topping is great when the air starts to get cooler and the days begin to get a little shorter.

The last one is here is Promised Land. If you like juicy premium e-liquid flavors, then this is definitely for you.  It’s a beautiful, subtle, light juice that will satisfy your taste buds. The juice smells and tastes like a fresh squeezed apple. This e-liquid is yummy to mix with other flavors such as mint or chocolate.


Over the course of the last fifteen days, I have sampled 25 (plus) juice lines, and at the end of the event, Cloud Alchemist had the best e-liquid. The juice is a great buy for $19.99 a bottle.  I will warn you in advance though, after one taste you will be hooked.

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