Ecigarettes What Does the Ohm Rating Mean

It’s relatively simple to get started with vaping since you go out and purchase a starter kit that has everything you need.  Just add juice!

Once you decide to venture beyond the starter kit and start purchasing mods and accessories, youll hit that point where you have to do your homework.  If you’ve looked over cartomizers, atomizers or tanks you’ve probably already seen the ohms rating or low resistance (LR) listed with the products.  You’ve also likely seen that products have a pretty wide range of ohm ratings.

Even you understand what an Ohm is there can still be confusion regarding how that impacts your vaping experience especially when all you want to do is just order a replacement atomizer or try something new.

So lets look at the basic term then compare the performance of these ratings.

In layman terms ohms is a measure of electrical resistance or how freely electricity can travel through something.  Ohms are sometimes represented using the following symbol Ω.

Regarding the ohms in an e-cigarette, were just focused on the kind of heat that is being generated by the coil to evaporate the liquid you’re using and get that flavorful vapor.

The heat in the coil comes down to two primary things:  The battery voltage and the ohm rating of the parts you attach to your battery.  High voltage and lower resistance equal more heat, which impacts flavor as well as vapor production.  When you tweak the ohms, you can fine tune that vapor production and flavor to best match the batteries you’ve got.

As an example, let’s look at two cartomizers and assume they come from the same manufacturer.  One is a low resistance cartomizer rated at 1-1.5 ohms.  The other is rated at 2.2-2.8 ohms.

The first:  Lower ohms/higher voltage

You can expect to see

  • More electricity flow
  • More heat at the coil
  • More vapor
  • Warmer vapor being produced
  • Faster drain on your battery
  • Higher chance of dry hits
  • Greater potential for premature battery failure
  • Higher eJuice consumption

The second: Higher ohms/lower voltage

You can expect to see

  • Less electricity flow
  • Less heat at the coil
  • Less vapor production
  • A cooler vapor being produced
  • Drains the battery slower
  • Less likely to get dry hits
  • Far less likely to cause premature battery failure
  • Typically uses less eJuice per puff

The trade-off between the different ratings is fairly obvious when you consider them, but that can still leave you with the question as to which ohm rating cartomizer or atomizer should I purchase?  That’s still not an easy question to answer.  For most vapers, it comes down to personal preference.  Everyone likes a different intensity in a cloud, throat hit, flavor, heat.  There’s also a difference in equipment as well as the eJuice, since some juice performs better depending on the equipment you use.

You want to find a good ohm to voltage rating when you start mixing parts to change your vaping experience.  We found this great chart (click to enlarge) that can help you find the sweet spot to get the best experience and avoid damaging your equipment.

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