Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank Review

The Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank is one of the vaping products that made waves in the market last year. This tank was designed by Gigue Technology Co., Ltd. The Chinese company released the tank last year and named it Dolphin. However, Gigue produced only a limited quantity of the tank (about 3000 or so). Therefore, it disappeared from stores before many vapers got to hear about it. Flawless’ reintroduction of the tank into the marker as the Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank gives vapers who could not purchase it the chance to do so.

The stand-out feature of the Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank is that it comes with a ceramic heating element. There are some other tanks with ceramic coils, but the Tugboat is different because it still uses organic cotton for wicking. This guarantees you cool and clean vapor with the flavor on point.

The Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank has a dimension of 64.5mm by 22mm. It is primarily made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The tank comes with one food grade ceramic coil head and a Nickel coil head. The package also includes three tubes of pre-rolled organic Japanese cotton.

While the ceramic coil is a big plus for the Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank, it does pose a few problems. First, the tank comes with just one ceramic coil head so if you damage it you have to purchase one, and it is not easy to find on the market. Also, if you are not delicate while rewicking the ceramic coil, it can easily break off. With that said, the ceramic coil vapes really nice. Although it gets dirty quick, it is very easy to clean by dry burning it. Changing the wick of this coil is a straightforward, no hassle process. The other coil included in the package is a 0.25 ohm Nickel coil.

The Flawless Tugboat tank comes with three cyclops-style airflow holes near the base of the tank. You can adjust the airflow by turning the airflow control rings. At the base of the tank, you will find a flush 510 connection pin for connecting it to a mod. This sub-ohm tank can fit most of the latest mods on the market.

The Tugboat Sub-Ohm tank comes with a replacement glass tube. However, the glass tube is not easily broken. This Flawless tank has a top fill design. To access the e-juice filling hole, you just need to slide a ring under the mouthpiece and slide the mouthpiece to one side to reveal the fill hole. The filling hole of this tank is quite small, so there is a possibility of spillage if you are using a very thick e-liquid. The tank can hold up to 4ml of e-liquid.

Another thing that makes the Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank stand out is that it has a cool stainless steel drip tip with a glass sleeve. It is unclear why the drip tip was fitted with a glass tube, but it is most likely to allow you enjoy the tank even when it gets heated after prolonged usage. The package includes colored o-rings for the drip tip which can change its appearance. There is also an extra glass sleeve for the drip tip.

Overall, the Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank is an excellent choice if you want a sub ohm tank that is different from the others on the market. It performs really well. However, you would need to get used to the fact that the ceramic coil has a ramp up time or one or two seconds. Another issue is that the tank tends to get quite hot if you use it for a long time. This could be because it is made with very thin sheets of stainless steel.

The Flawless Tugboat Sub-Ohm Tank is available in many vape stores. It costs about $16.95 to $45. However, you can purchase this tank from Ejuice Deals for only $10. Now, that is an offer you can’t resist.

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