Herbal Fracture CBD Dog Treats You Should Try

We all want our pets to maintain optimum health as much as possible, away from anxiety, pain, and inflammation. The good news is our furry family members can now reap the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Just like CBD for humans, CBD for pets does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. This means CBD will not make them feel high or get stoned.

In the saturated marketplace for CBD, finding a brand that you can trust can be daunting. But I’m glad that Herbal Fracture has something for pets.

My dog is pretty old, and the vet diagnosed her with arthritis. I may have never experienced arthritis, but I know it hurts a lot. I can see her skimp at times, and as a paw parent, it breaks my heart. She no longer walks or runs around like she used to. It also takes her longer to get up from a lying position.

This is the reason I followed my friend’s advice to give her CBD. It has the ability to treat almost any condition minus the many side effects of prescription medications. For my pooch, I bought Herbal Fracture’s Pet Tincture and Dog Treats.

Just like its tincture for humans, Herbal Fracture Pet Tincture is formulated with CO2-extracted CBD. It is mixed with either Cod liver oil or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. The carrier oils actually provide added benefits to the blend.

The Cod liver oil, for instance, is derived from the liver of the codfish. Like regular fish oil, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is also said to contain high levels of Vitamins A and D. Research indicates that it can lessen inflammation, improve bone health, reduce joint pain, maintain healthy eyes, reduce heart disease risk, improve anxiety and depression, and treat ulcers.

MCT oil, on the other hand, is coconut or palm kernel oil. This is believed to play a synergistic role with energy and brain function. Scientific studies claim that MCT can promote weight loss, fuel your brain, use fat for energy, fight yeast and bacterial growth, reduce heart disease risk factor, and manage chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and epilepsy.

Both variants are available in 30mL bottles at the Herbal Fracture website. Prices vary depending on the potency. It is available in 300mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg of CBD for as low as $39.99, $79.99, and $154.99, respectively.

If she’s in a good mood, I will directly put the tincture inside her mouth. But at times when she’s just not feeling it, I mix it in her food. The disadvantage of the latter is that she might not finish her entire meal.

On the other hand, I use Dog Treats if she does something good or special. I also love that it comes in two different flavors, bacon and peanut butter, so she won’t easily get tired from just one flavor.

Each treat contains 10mg of CBD, which I think is enough for her. The packs are available in 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz for $9.99, $18.99, and $32.99, respectively. This heart-shaped treat actually has a pretty interesting list of ingredients. For example, they contain blueberries, organic apples, and cranberries.

The most difficult part of taking care of sick pets is that they cannot express their pain. Like I said earlier, her pain is visible before taking CBD. But a few days after giving her CBD, I noticed that her movement or activity has improved. I can also see that her energy is higher and her mood is better. Her sleep also improved at night. I have never given her anything so I believe that was CBD at work.

Overall, I highly recommend CBD for pets. Correct dosing is very important so I suggest you start from the lowest concentration first. Assess the initial reaction of your pets first, and see whether their bodies are okay with the CBD strength level.

Just like my dog, I think most pets will easily love the taste of these CBD-infused products from Herbal Fracture.

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