Humble Juice Co.’s Donkey Kahn E-Juice Review

Humble Juice Co. is one of the top vape juice makers in the industry. The company makes its premium e-liquids with the finest ingredients. Humble Juice has a wide collection of e-juice flavors on the market. If you have a thing for strawberries and bananas, you will love Donkey Kahn by Humble Juice. This e-liquid is a blend of strawberry and banana with a splash of dragon fruit.

You can smell the strawberry and banana flavor when you open a bottle of Donkey Kahn. And you can taste all three flavors when vaping this e-juice. The taste is authentic flavor. If you have ever had a strawberry and smoothie, then you have an idea of how this e-juice tastes. The dragon fruit flavor is barely noticeable, but that doesn’t take anything from this e-juice. The flavor is pleasantly fruity.

There is no weird, chemical taste from this e-juice. You can vape it all day long without getting tired of how it tastes. This is just the kind of e-juice that you will always want to have in your collection. Donkey Kahn is not overly sweet. The sweetness level of this e-juice is just right so you will not get tired of it.

Donkey Kahn is one of my favorite e-liquids from Humble Juice. The flavor is very refreshing. It feels like drinking a glass of smoothie. I recommend this e-liquid to vapers who are fond of mixed fruit drinks. Every puff is so satisfying. You can easily get hooked on this vape liquid.

It is safe to say that Humble Juice Co. nailed it with Donkey Kahn. This is a must-try. Get a bottle now and taste its rich flavor.

Donkey Khan e-juice is not too thick or too light. You will no issues vaping it with a tank or dripper. This e-juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 80/20. You will not feel any irritation in your throat when vaping this e-liquid. It has a mild throat hit.

You have three options for the nicotine strength level of this vape juice. The choices are 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This means you have control over the kind of throat hit and nicotine buzz that you will get from this e-liquid.

Donkey Kahn by Humble Juice will give you thick clouds of vapor with each puff. These clouds do not disperse right away. The sweet aroma of this e-juice fills the air when you are vaping it.

Donkey Kahn by Humble Juice Co. has a simple yet attractive packaging design. It comes in a clear chubby gorilla unicorn bottle. The Humble Juice logo is printed on the bottle along with some other information about the product.

Humble Juice Co. knows how to please its customers. You get an excellent customer service from them. The company also has a fast delivery service so you will receive your orders on time. There are many exciting deals at the Humble Juice store that you can take advantage of to save money.

One of these deals is the Humble Buy One Get One (BOGO). With this offer, when you buy one bottle of e-juice, you get another one for free. You can even Build your own BOGO package by selecting two bottles of the same e-liquid or picking any two Humble Juice e-liquids that you want as long as they have the same bottle size.

You do not have to register or sign up for anything to enjoy these deals. All you need to do is visit the Humble Juice online store.

You can get a 120ml bottle of Donkey Kahn by Humble Juice for only $24.99 at the company’s online vape shop. With the BOGO deal, you will be paying only $24.99 for any two Humble Juice e-liquids that you want.


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