Lemon Cake Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice Review


Lemon Cake Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice is a delightful e-liquid with a one-of-a-kind flavor. Vapers who enjoy a flavorful mix of sweet and sour will surely love this product. This dessert vape is brought to you by Slim’s E-juice.

The company has been selling high-quality e-liquids since it was founded. It has gained popularity due to its affordable pricing and the quality of its e-liquids. If you’re tired of vaping on the same old e-liquids, give Lemon Cake by Slim’s E-Juice a try. You will surely love it.

If you want to know more about this flavor, here is a review that I made of this e-liquid.

Flavor Profile

Lemon Cake is a premium e-liquid and is part of Slim’s E-Juice’s signature blends. All the ingredients in this blend are all-natural and safe for consumption. Lemon Cake has a delightful pastry flavor too. It makes for a very enjoyable vaping experience. The sweet taste of the icing blends well with the sour kick of lemon, producing a tart treat.

Fluffy lemon cakes are made with butter, baking flour, lemon juice, sugar, milk, and eggs. The e-liquid is an appetizing dessert. The sweet aftertaste of the cake flavor stands out on the exhale. The aroma is sumptuous and the taste lingers on your tongue for some time.


Slim E-Juice’s ingredients are sourced from US-based suppliers. A bottle of Slim’s E-Juice contains flavor essences and PG/VG. All the e-liquids from Slim’s E-Juice are guaranteed clean and safe.

PG/VG Ratio

Slim’s E-Juice’s Lemon Cake has a Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) of 60/40.

Vapor Production

It is perfect to vape this e-liquid using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or a sub ohm tank. But, if you want to truly savor the flavor, it is best to use an RDA.

Nicotine Strength

This e-juice is made with different nicotine levels so you have different options to choose from. You can go for 0mg (or no nicotine at all), 2mg, 4mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg or 24mg of nicotine.

About the Manufacturer

Slim’s E-Juice makes its e-liquids using the best ingredients which have passed the EU TPD regulations. Slim’s E-Juices are manufactured in a first-class lab based in Manchester, Tennessee. The company also has an excellent customer service and is open to shipping around the globe.

Slim’s E-Juice has a wide variety of e-liquids – ranging from simple flavors inspired by fruits to compound to impressive flavors inspired by candy, beverages, desserts, and pastry. You can choose from flavors like Orange Dreamy Cupcake, Lemon Bars, Orange Dreamy Cupcake, Raspberry Donut, Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Coffee Candy, Chewy Peanut Butter, and a lot more.


Lemon Cake by Slim’s E-Juice is sold in a plastic bottle which has a child-resistant cap. You will find a label on the bottle which has lots of details about the product such as the flavor name, brand logo, bottle volume, warnings, and more. 


You can get a bottle of Lemon Cake Premium E-Juice from the brand’s website. The e-juice is available in different sizes. A 50ml bottle of Lemon Cake is available on slimsejuice.com for only $14.00.


You can enjoy the explosive taste of Lemon Cake Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice without breaking the break. This e-liquid is delicious and the clouds are bountiful. Also, the price is just right. Lemon Cake is blended into perfection. It tastes as if I had a slice of Lemon Cake on a cigarette break. The sweet flavor lingers in my mouth. I recommend you try it and see for yourself.

Where to buy

Lemon Cake Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice can be found on the company’s website, Slimsejuice.com. Grab a bottle now and be prepared for a treat.

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