Lizard Juice Menthol Madness E Liquid Review

Believe me, I am an absolute menthol lover. Not a week will pass by without me looking for menthol-flavored e-juices. I was on a hunt again a few months ago, and I bumped into an interesting e-liquid from Lizard Juice. I was not really attracted with its presentation, but since I was in the mood for some reading, its brief product detail definitely caught my attention and got me all curios.

“This is our one and only Pure Menthol flavor, for the most hardcore of menthol lovers.” Seriously, the phrases “one and only” and “hardcore menthol lovers” got me giddy excited. And they heightened my expectations as well.

The moment it arrived on my doorstep, I immediately opened and vaped it. Boy was I right! This blend is absolutely great. It has a smooth mint flavor, with no tobacco flavoring in it. I also like that it is not all menthol in there as you can taste a hint of some sweetness, but not the dessert level type. But most of all, I super love the kind of refreshing coolness this blend plays inside my mouth.

I have been using this for quite some time now, and I am proud to say that this actually helped me get through my day without thinking of cigarettes (yes, an ex-cigarette smoker here). The vape was not a letdown at all. This flavor really gives you a menthol kind of madness!

Overall, the Menthol Madness by Lizard Juice is a combination of a great menthol flavor and a high-quality e-juice. I am totally sold! By the way, most people would compare this to the Outlaw by Lizard Juice. As for me, both can boast of their own unique flavors and characteristics. It’s totally up to your taste buds.

The refreshing goodness from this blend is also evident on its aroma. The second you open that bottle, the scent of menthol will welcome you. Even with your eyes close, you can really tell it is pure menthol right in there.

Overall, this e-juice for me is absolutely perfect for those looking for something to cool their senses. It also has a very good quality too. I would definitely recommend this especially for those who are still transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping. This helped me in some ways, and I am pretty sure it will to you too.

Lizard Juice does not indicate its vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (VG/PG) ratio. But as per experience, this blend produces a pretty solid cloud experience. Talking about flavor and clouds, they last quite a long time.

By the way, vegetable glycerin serves as a flavor and nicotine carrier. This food additive is in fact what gives you vapor. On the other hand, the propylene glycol is the basis for throat hit. Their relationship is directly proportional, which means that if you have a higher propylene glycol content in your e-juice, then you can expect a stronger throat hit.

But even without knowing its VG/PG ratio, this e-juice delivers a satisfying throat hit, which is neither harsh nor weak. In fact, other reviewers commend this may have a good throat hit because of its menthol flavor. Of note, the strength of the throat hit is also affected by your nicotine level. A higher nicotine concentration means a stronger throat hit.

I bet you are wondering what the presentation of the e-juice is. Well, Lizard Juice does things simple. The product is stored in a transparent bottle with a white label that contains the name of the flavor, the brand (or website), the expiration date, the batch number, and the nicotine level. Behind all these texts is an image of a green lizard, because this is lizard juice.

The Menthol Madness by Lizard Juice has up to five different nicotine concentration levels. If you desire a stronger hit, I suggest you go for the 24 mg. Average users can use the 18 mg and 12 mg. Beginners can go for the 6 mg, and 0 mg for those who want a nicotine free blend. For the price and flavor ratio, the Menthol Madness by Lizard Juice is a fairly cheap e-liquid. You can get your own 15 mL bottle for only $12 at Lizard Juice.


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