Most Popular E Cig Juice Brands Reviews

The e-cigarette juice being used is often one of the essential components of the entire process. If you don’t have the right juice in place, you are going to be left frustrated hoping you could have found a better option out on the open market. Yet, the beauty of the brands that are out and about at the moment has to do with the competition in place. This is creating an effect where competitors are trying to out do one another with regards to getting a bigger chunk of the pie and creating better tasting juices. Let’s take a look at the leading brands on the market right now and what they have to offer.


This has long been regarded as one of the leaders in the market. They have quite a fan following when it comes to the range of flavors on offer and is easily one of the most popular e-cig juice brands going at the moment. They have continually upped the ante when it comes to overall quality and consistency with their flavors.
Halo can be regarded as being a company that strives for excellence more than anything else, and it shows through the flavors that are released under their brand. The menthol blends that come under this brand are to die for according to most who try them.

Vapor Fi

Whenever you are in search of a particular and unique flavor, you should take a look at Vapor Fi and what this brand has to offer. They are regarded as having the most flavors on the market, and this range is tough to compete with as they are always two steps ahead of the rest. They are continually adding to their range to beat the competition. The customization aspect of their flavors is impressive. You are able to mix and match flavors and create your own concoctions that taste even better than the unique flavors.


This is a newer line that has been released and is doing well. It is slowly gaining popularity and does indeed have a unique collection of flavors to select from. Located in Florida, they place emphasis on creating high-end e-liquid solutions rather than going with the basic options. This means they price them higher, but the quality on offer is also hard to beat in the price range that is being presented. This is a proven brand that is highly accessible and is only getting better with time.

Vista Vapor

With 160 flavors, you will immediately know there is a right fit for you in their collection. They are brilliant for those who want a hard-hitting flavor that is going to taste great again and again. This can be deemed as being one of those e-juice brands that can make a fantastic first impression. The flavor shots that are on offer with this brand are amazing, and you are able to customize to your own needs. This means changing the amount of nicotine that is present as well.

Crystal Canyon

They are on the market producing a range of e-cigarette products, but they are better known for their e-juices. This is a specific category, and most brands are not able to pull it off without faltering along the way. This is not the case with Crystal Canyon that has an established presence in the market because of their amazing blends. You are able to select from many different categories which include but are not limited to Menthol, Desserts, and Fruits. You will definitely find the right fit when you start sifting through what they have to offer.

Mt. Baker

This is one of those old companies that has been around since the onset of time and have built a niche market that is never going to fade away. The reason for their undying presence has to do with the quality that is present in their flavors. The quality is noticeable as soon as you take the first taste. The reason they are loved and adored has to do with the consistency and price points of their e-juices. They are consistent with the flavors, and you know what you are paying for every single time.

Vape Dudes

The Blue Honey flavor is one of the most preferred e-juices on the market right now, and this is the brand that creates it. This alone lets them slip into the most popular e cig juice brands going right now.
Vape Dudes are committed to ensuring the quality of their flavors and this does not dissipate as time goes on. The richness and purity of the flavors they have to offer makes it appealing to anyone that wants the best. Their dessert flavors are at the top of the market in this category according to many.

Strix Elixirs

The final entry in this list of favorite brands would be Strix Elixirs. This is a brand that has recently entered the market and has established itself well. When it comes to menthol flavors, Strix Elixirs might have the best one of them all in the form of Frozen Tundra.This is one of the best tasting menthol flavors going and continues to impress as time goes on. They also offer the Blue Honey option that has been popular with Vape Dudes for a long time. This is a company and brand on the up that is not going to be fading away anytime soon.

These are some of the best vape juice brands on the market right now. Each and every individual is going to have their own preference when it comes to a particular flavor and the quality that is being provided.  This is why reading the e-liquid reviews online and taking a look at the best and most popular e cig juice brands becomes imperative as you will be able to filter out the worthless being sold elsewhere.

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