No Nicotine Vape Juice: What’s the Point?

Have you ever wondered why some vapers choose e-liquids without nicotine? If you have been using vape juice with no nicotine, I bet a lot of people have asked you this very familiar question: “What’s your point of vaping?”

Why some people vape zero nicotine e-liquids?

People have different reasons why they choose to vape without nicotine. The most common of them all is that they want to get off their dependence on nicotine.

For many ex-smokers, vaping is a way to quit cigarettes. So the use of a vaporizer is intended to address their fixation for puffing on something. A vape juice with no nicotine allows these type of vapers to enjoy puffing on something without ingesting any nicotine.

But for others, opting for zero nicotine has nothing to do with quitting smoking. They simply want to enjoy the vaping experience. I mean, who wouldn’t? With all the e-juice flavors on the market.

What are the pros and cons of vape liquids without nicotine?

If you are used to nicotine, then the most noticeable downside of transitioning to a nicotine-free vape liquid is getting a lighter throat hit. The difference may or may not be noticeable, depending on the quality of your e-juice.

Also, you might experience some withdrawal symptoms. This does not apply to everyone. To avoid this, you can gradually reduce the nicotine level in your e-liquids. You can do this until you are comfortable vaping e-liquids with zero nicotine.

On the other hand, no nicotine vape juice have their advantages. For instance, it allows you to enjoy the vaping experience without any sensation in your throat. In case you did not know, e-liquids that do not contain nicotine have a more robust taste!

Some people also vape just for the sake of socializing with others. I have seen several vape shops that have turned into social places where fellow vapers can hang out.

What are the different ways to vape without nicotine?

You can use your normal device to vape e-juices without nicotine whether you are a cloud chaser or flavor chaser.

Where to buy the best nicotine-free vape products?

As mentioned earlier, the quality of your vape juice may or may not affect your zero-nicotine vaping experience. So I suggest you find vape liquid makers who know what they are doing. Slim’s E-Juice is one of the brands that I can recommend. The vape juices it offers do not only taste good but also have premium quality.


This can sound a bit surprising, but e-liquids with very low to zero nicotine sell out faster than medium-to-high nicotine e-liquid. Furthermore, nearly all vape juices from different manufacturers come with a 0mg level version.

So what does this mean? It is a no-brainer. There is a high supply because the demand is also increasing. In other words, there is a significant number of people who prefer to vape 3-liquids without nicotine.

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