Review Of Payday E-Juice By Broke Dick

Payday e-juice is different from the rest of the e-juices from Broke Dick because it has a touch of toasted coconut. That is actually a unique taste and Broke Dick made it with high-quality ingredients from toasted coconuts. It is a flavorful e-juice and does not leave any chemical taste in your mouth.

If you already tried the company’s other flavor mixes, then you should know by now that this product is one of its kind.Broke Dick has succeeded in making a one of a kind taste from banana fosters with toasted coconut. The company is located at at Somerset Drive, Largo, FL.

Flavor Description

When you inhale Payday e-juice, you right away can taste the banana fosters. As it registers in your mouth, the other flavors mixed with the juice come naturally. It will leave a mark on your taste buds. Once you inhale the Payday e-juice, the taste of bourbon and butterscotch subtly comes into your taste buds. The twist of orange, cappuccino, and toasted coconut creeps up when you exhale. Pay Day e-juice is not so sweet, unlike other mixed coconut flavored e-juices. This blend is one of the best from Broke Dick with a toasted coconut base flavor. It is mouth watering and the flavor is of the best quality.

You may be surprised if you want to grab a piece of butterscotch after you taste this product. The taste of Payday e-juice stays longer on your tongue, unlike some many other flavored e-juices. The taste stays even after vaping. If you are a fan of flavors with coconut mixes, then Payday e-juice is just the one for you. It may take some time to get used to the mixed flavor of this product, but once you taste it, you will always want it. This blend in Payday e-juice is not overwhelmingly sweet. It is indeed an all day vape juice.

Nicotine Strength

Broke Dick’s Payday e-juice is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.  There is no higher nicotine concentration from this product.The 6mg nicotine concentration will already satisfy heavy smokers.


Payday e-juice comes with a 70vg/30pg ratio. The e-juice is thick and has a dark color. Payday e-juice is ideal for dripping and also vaping from a tank.

Throat Hit

There is no strong hit with Payday e-juice. If it’s a stronger throat hit that you want, then possibly this product is not the one for you. Payday e-juice is mellow and smooth. It is worth a try if you want to get a soothing hit from your cheap vape juice. Payday e-juice is a must try.

Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, Payday e-juice gets the highest marks. The thick clouds come out when you exhale and it lingers around for a few seconds. This is the kind of e-liquid that you can use if you want to impress someone when exhaling out clouds. There are different factors though that vapor is dependent when vaping Payday e-juice. The wattage and the resistance of your coil are factors that can affect vapor production when vaping.


Payday e-juice by Broke Dick comes in a tall 120ml plastic bottle. It has got a cool yellow label design. When the liquid is not in use, you need not worry about it.Payday’s bottle does not come with a dripper tip. You can however purchase the dripper tip along with the bottle of this product for only 50 cents from Broke Dick.


Payday e-juice by Broke Dick costs $22 per 120ml bottle. There are no smaller bottles for this blend of e-juice. You can get the best cheap vape juice from Broke Dick’s website. It is the perfect cost for the big bottle of Payday e-juice. It may not be exceedingly cheap for some but the cost is the best value for your money. There are a lot out there that will promise you a low cost but cannot promise high-quality e-liquids.

Broke Dick has been making waves in the US even if it is just a new company. There are exquisite blends that the company has that will delight your taste buds. Broke Dick has cheap e-liquids but the quality is impeccable.


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