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V2 Cigs has been Americas number one online electronic cigarette since March 2016 with over one million completely satisfied customers. This gadget warms the fluid in the V2 Cigs and this produces a steam that has nicotine. This steam which then acts as a nicotine delivery method is then inhaled by the user. The Persons who use these V2 electronic cigarettes admit that one of the greatest pleasures they get from it is the fact that they are smoking without the actual ash, smoke or smell, unlike the familiar cigarettes that are made of tobacco.

V2 Cigarettes Starter Kit

With the V2 Electronic Cigarette starter kit, the user can expect to receive everything needed to get them started on electronic cigarette smoking. The starter kits have an automatic and manual e-cigarette battery, ten (10) liquid flavored cartridges which have five (5) different nicotine strengths ranging from 2.4% nicotine to 0% nicotine to chose from and a USB charger accompanied by a wall adapter. The flavor cartridges come in three different flavors: red, Sahara and congress, however, they have recently introduced three new flavors which are: menthol, peppermint, and mint tea. So with the purchase of starter kits the user has the option of choosing an automatic e-cigarette or a manual e- cigarette and after they have made their choice they can then choose the cartridge flavor and nicotine strength they want and then they can start smoking, as simple as that.

What Customers are Saying:

Some of the negative feed back some consumers have is that at times they have to wait awhile before they can get their orders because these V2 cigarettes are so popular and so widely used they may not have their orders filled immediately, while some may complain about having to recharge their battery and wait to start enjoying their electronic cigarettes again. The positive factors out weigh the negatives. Consumers brag about the great benefits they receive from these great cigarettes, like the fact that the cost is low, the variety of flavors and nicotine concentration cartridges that are available, the fact that they no longer have to rinse their mouths with mouth wash or take a bathe to wash off the smoke and ash smell after smoking, unlike with tobacco cigarettes. They also love that they do not have to wait till lunch time to smoke they can smoke right in their office because these V2 cigs do not leave that strong smoke and ash smell that the traditional cigarettes would.

V2 Cigs Package Presentation:

Overview of V2 Cigs:

The V2 Cigs Kit can be conveniently ordered online on the website: http://www.v2cigs.com/ at affordable prices regardless of the type of kit the user chooses and they have free flat rate shipping available.The V2 standard kit now costs $59.95 USD while the V2 ultimate kit which has even more accessories used to cost $179.95 but is now sold at a reduced rate which is $169.95. They also have a Portable Charging case which has a sleek, unique design and costs only $49.95 USD. So chose the V2 Electronic Cigarette kit that suits your needs and you can join the other one million users and smoke without the actual smoke and smell today.

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