WetFlame Hydro Electronic Cigarette Review

Electronic cigarette vendors are constantly on the way in or out. I run a number of Web searches every day in an attempt to stay on top of the changing industry and discover new companies as they come up, and WetFlame is a company that recently came under my radar. WetFlame is a smaller electronic cigarette vendor that has begun to attract attention with its 510-based Nova and KR-808-based Hydro electronic cigarettes and a strong social media presence. Upon reading about WetFlame, I got in touch and inquired about a sample. Within a few days I had a WetFlame Hydro review kit waiting at the door.

The WetFlame Hydro e-cigarette starter kit.

WetFlame Hydro: The Bottom Line

The WetFlame Hydro is a KR-808-D1 electronic cigarette, similar to what V2 Cigs sells. Sadly, while the e-liquids have some nice flavor, the performance isnt up to par. The vapor production isnt what Id expect from an e-cigarette in this size and price range. To make matters worse, the sensitivity of the automatic battery seems wrong, which makes using the WetFlame Hydro more of a chore than it needs to be. Im not able to give the WetFlame Hydro a recommendation at this time.

Update: In October 2015, WetFlame provided a second Hydro e-cigarette kit, suggesting that the first kit I received might have been faulty. Indeed, the second kit included a different type of charger, which did charge the batteries successfully. However, my primary issues with the kit remained the same; while I thought the flavor of the cartridges was quite good, I found it difficult to get the battery to work properly and create a significant amount of vapor. Although Im not fully satisfied with the product, the fact that WetFlame reached out and tried to make things right reflects well on their commitment to customer service.

WetFlame Hydro: Starter Kit

Inside the $69.99 WetFlame Hydro starter kit, youll find the following items:

  • Two automatic batteries
  • Six pre-filled e-liquid cartridges (cartomizers)
  • USB charger
  • Wall charger
  • Manual and presentation box
  • Hard carrying case
I feel like the WetFlame Hydro is priced a little higher than it should be. In the $70 price range, I would expect to see amenities such as ten or more refill cartridges and a portable battery charging case. The Halo Element, for example, costs $10 less and includes quite a bit more for your money. I dont mind recommending an expensive electronic cigarette when it has outstanding performance or fit and finish, but that isnt the case here.

WetFlame Hydro: General Impressions

The WetFlame Hydro ships in a nice blue box with a foam divider on top holding the batteries and two cartomizers in place. When I received my WetFlame review sample, both batteries were packaged in plastic wrappers to prevent scratching. These little packaging decisions make a good first impression and help make sure that customers receive their kits in pristine condition. However, my positive first impression dissipated when I attempted to charge one of the batteries and discovered that it didnt fit in the charger. The chargers center post was too tall, preventing me from screwing the battery in. Either Id received the wrong charger or it was built improperly. Thankfully, V2 Cigs also uses a KR-808-D1 battery, so I was able to use the charger from that kit to get the battery charged and continue my WetFlame review. Interestingly, the charger also doesnt fit the WetFlame e-cigarette case included with my kit; the molding in the case seems designed for a charger of a different shape.

Aside from the issue with the charger, my general impressions of the WetFlame Hydros physical appearance are good. The batteries are solid black and glossy with a WetFlame logo on the end, and the case provides a somewhat secure fit for two batteries and two cartomizers, although items will rattle around a little if the case is shaken.

Detail: WetFlame e-cigarette and case.

WetFlame Hydro: PerformanceThe issue with my WetFlame Hydro charger isnt necessarily a game stopper on its own. If I had purchased the kit, I would have been disappointed but Im certain that WetFlame would have resolved the problem. I have a more serious issue, however, with the poor performance of the WetFlame Hydro. Its very disappointing and reminds me of my first experiences with e-cigarettes that used disposable plastic cartridges. When I first began to test the performance of the Hydro for my WetFlame review, I noticed that the automatic battery kept turning on an off as if I wasnt puffing hard enough. When I finally puffed hard enough to keep the battery turned on, I found that the WetFlame Hydro just doesnt produce much vapor at all. Im pretty impressed with the flavor of the vanilla and tobacco cartomizers included with my WetFlame review kit, but I cant seem to get enough vapor to feel any kind of throat hit or nicotine satisfaction.

WetFlame Hydro: Conclusion

At $70, I expect more from an e-cigarette kit than the WetFlame Hydro delivers. It isnt just that the performance of the WetFlame Hydro is poor compared to a few superior products; the performance is poor for an electronic cigarette in general. Its far more difficult than it should be to get the battery to respond to puffs, and when the Hydro does produce vapor, there isnt enough of it to satisfy.

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