These pages employ some affiliate banners and discount codes for the purpose of helping pay for its web hosting, maintenance, and development but mainly because of I’m too cheap to pay for it out of my own pocket.
In reality, the earnings so far (Oct 20th, 2015) have reached a massive $0.41 so its not doing a good enough job.
Most if not all of the items featured on the pages of the Vapnificent have been bought for my own (hi I’m Violet in case you were not paying attention) use with real world money. If anything does ever come in free of charge for review it will be mentioned in the post itself.
Either way, the opinions offered are not in any way biased from any possible affiliation with the vendor. I repeat (for the hard of reading) The opinions on Vapnificent are 100% completely and utterly unaffected by any possible affiliation with the vendors.